The Arrupe Program for forming Spiritual Directors in the Ignatian Tradition.

The Arrupe Program for forming Spiritual Directors in the Ignatian Tradition.

The Arrupe Program is the approved national program of the Australian Province of the Society of Jesus for the formation of Givers of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and Spiritual Directors in the Ignatian tradition. The Arrupe Program is concomitant with and adjunct to the Master of Spiritual Direction (MSD) degree offered by Australian Catholic University (ACU), yet distinct from it. Since retreat direction is an art rather than a science, and is learned by doing, a significant proportion of the hours of the Arrupe  Program is devoted to the practice of giving spiritual direction under supervision.

Being a giver of the Spiritual Exercises presumes that candidates will have completed the Exercises. So, if you have not completed the Spiritual Exercises, you will be required to make them prior to joining the course. Candidates will also be expected to meet monthly with their spiritual director. In most circumstances, to be admitted, candidates must be enrolled in, or have completed, a spiritual direction course (Graduate Diploma or Master of Spiritual Direction).

Giving of the Spiritual Exercises is completed by taking two exercitants, under supervision, through the full Spiritual Exercises (Annotation 19 or 20). Throughout the Arrupe Program, candidates are encouraged to gain additional hours of supervised spiritual direction practice. Candidates are required to be under supervision during any practicum work.

There is ongoing discernment throughout all stages of the Arrupe program by both program leaders and the candidates them selves. Candidates are assessed on their demonstration of the attributes listed in the Annotations for Givers of the Exercises and the Code of Ethics for Companions in the Ministry of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

If you are interested in joining the Arrupe Program, or would like more information about it, please send a request to: